DrivenEdu is all about placing students in the driver’s seat of their education.  It is about giving students more control and the ability to choose their path.  The meaning of DRIVEN was created by two students.  Driven is about “Delivering Dynamic Real Individualized Valuable Education Now.”  This is how students described their time in the classroom.  DrivenEdu is about a teaching style and classroom set up.  There are not specific rules to follow and teachers and schools that choose to adapt the Driven model are the ability mold it to fit the needs of their students.

For students

The DrivenEdu model places the student at the center.  By offering multiple methods to learn the material and multiple methods to demonstrate understanding, students now have a choice and learning truly becomes personal.  Students have the ability to move through the material at the recommended teacher pace or move ahead.   DrivenEdu meets each student where they are.  Students that tend to excel and are bored in the traditional classroom have the ability to move ahead.  Students that need more time have the option to spend more time on challenging content and then move quickly through the material that makes the most sense to them.

For teachers

Teachers have a unique role in the DrivenEdu model.  There is more time to build relationships with individual students and help students.  As a teacher, you are no longer lecturing and have more time to spend help students in small groups and one on one.  The challenge is that you are no longer the holder of all knowledge, but are a resource and learning facilitator.